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Summer Solstice Begins in Valmiermuiža!

2016.06.03 12:21:02

The Summer Solstice we will begin to celebrate already on June 18th in Valmiermuiža's castle park, beautiful place in the Vidzeme region. Activities of the annual summer solstice celebration "Saulgriezis 2016" will be all day long, but Iļģi on stage at 10.30 PM. We will be playing also "dančus" (simple folk dances). Members of Rīga Dance Club will be on hand to demonstrate and get the dancing started!

See you in Valmiermuiža!


Summer Solstice Begins in Valmiermuiža!

Back from WOMEX!

2015.10.29 13:05:56

Iļģi have just returned from Budapest, where this years installment of WOMEX, the yearly leading world music business exposition, took place. This time there were over 2500 delegates from 90 countries! From that count, there were only 280 musicians. It would be more precise to say that Iļģi did not just attend WOMEX, but they were invited to participate in the regional showcases which took place in Budapests’ newest and most grandiose concert complex The Müpa (Palace of Arts). Iļģi was one of the 60 acts to be chosen from the over 1200 applications submitted from around the world.  This was a great honour, considering the great number of applications received. Iļģi have been applying to WOMEX for many years, and finally got the invitation this year-the only group from the Baltic states to be invited!

Iļģi' concert was introduced by renowned world music musician and journalist, longtime WOMEX delegate, Mr. Andrew Cronshaw.

Our song “Ozoliņš sadega” (The Oak Burned), was also chosen for inclusion in the WOMEX expanded music sampler and can be heard online via the WOMEX stream.
The BBC radio 3 interviewed Iļģi member Gatis Gaujenieks which can be heard here.

You can find out more about our trip Budapest on our Facebook page.

Iļģi would like to express our greatest gratitude to the Latvian Music Information Centre, and personally to Ināra Jakubone.


Photo credit: Jacob Crawfurd


Back from WOMEX!

IĻĢI at WOMEX 2015

2015.10.19 13:25:31

It is with great pleasure that IĻĢI announce that we are traveling to WOMEX, which is taking place in Budapest this year. We are not going there only to take part in the convention, but we have the honour of PERFORMING there and in we will be in excellent company! The eminient British multi-instrumental explorer, producer and world music journalist Andrew Cronshaw will be introducing us!

Read more here:

Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well for us!

An Invitation to Spring Concerts

2015.03.16 04:44:50

To celebrate nature's awakening and the victory of light over dark, we have prepared a special program of spring songs, which we will perform in several cities across Latvia.

The spring equinox, or the Big Day in Latvian dainas, is when darkness is overtaken by the sun. Days grow longer than nights, the sun shines brighter, and a new fertility cycle begins.  Plants sprout and the birds return.  Our concert program "Three Days the Sun Rose" is comprised of songs dedicated to the spring awakening and to the sun.

There are fewer songs about the spring equinox or Big Day than you might imagine.  Nevertheless, we have long wanted to sing and play about this wonderful moment in nature and time of year.  In addition, Iļģi's birthday is in April.  We have to celebrate!

You, our friends in music, are dearly awaited at our concerts!

04/03  Cēsis, Vidzemes concert hall "Cēsis", 19:00

04/05  Rīga, concert hall "Rīga", 12:00

04/06  Rēzekne, Latgalian embassy "GORS", 17:00 

Tickets are available at Biļešu Paradīze kiosks, online at, and at the concert venues. 


An Invitation to Spring Concerts

Summer Concert Tour

2014.06.06 06:33:38

Our tour this summer, "Dark night, green grass," will take place at large outdoor venues.  The concerts will begin at 10 PM.  Parts of "Spēlēju, dancoju" will be included in our performances. 

Around midnight we will begin playing "dančus" (simple folk dances). Members of Rīga Dance Club will be on hand to demonstrate and get the dancing started.

We will cover much of Latvia over the summer:

July 18th, Jelgava

July 25th, Valmiera

August 16th, Liepāja

August 22nd, Cēsis

August 23rd, Rēzekne

We hope to see you!