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An Invitation to Spring Concerts

2015.03.16 04:44:50

To celebrate nature's awakening and the victory of light over dark, we have prepared a special program of spring songs, which we will perform in several cities across Latvia.

The spring equinox, or the Big Day in Latvian dainas, is when darkness is overtaken by the sun. Days grow longer than nights, the sun shines brighter, and a new fertility cycle begins.  Plants sprout and the birds return.  Our concert program "Three Days the Sun Rose" is comprised of songs dedicated to the spring awakening and to the sun.

There are fewer songs about the spring equinox or Big Day than you might imagine.  Nevertheless, we have long wanted to sing and play about this wonderful moment in nature and time of year.  In addition, Iļģi's birthday is in April.  We have to celebrate!

You, our friends in music, are dearly awaited at our concerts!

04/03  Cēsis, Vidzemes concert hall "Cēsis", 19:00

04/05  Rīga, concert hall "Rīga", 12:00

04/06  Rēzekne, Latgalian embassy "GORS", 17:00 

Tickets are available at Biļešu Paradīze kiosks, online at, and at the concert venues. 


An Invitation to Spring Concerts

Summer Concert Tour

2014.06.06 06:33:38

Our tour this summer, "Dark night, green grass," will take place at large outdoor venues.  The concerts will begin at 10 PM.  Parts of "Spēlēju, dancoju" will be included in our performances. 

Around midnight we will begin playing "dančus" (simple folk dances). Members of Rīga Dance Club will be on hand to demonstrate and get the dancing started.

We will cover much of Latvia over the summer:

July 18th, Jelgava

July 25th, Valmiera

August 16th, Liepāja

August 22nd, Cēsis

August 23rd, Rēzekne

We hope to see you! 


2014.06.06 06:14:57

June had a great start - a concert in Prague.  We never imagined our music had so many friends in the Czech Republic.  And what a surprise - many of them speak Latvian very well.  Pāvels Štolls has taught Latvian at Charles University for many years, and was our guide for a very long walk through breathtaking Prague.  Thank you!

We are getting ready for our first big concert of the summer in Latvia.  It will take place on June 15th at 6 PM at the Dzintari concert hall.  This will be our only concert this summer geared for families with children.  Our musical guests will be children and youngsters: the folklore group "Vārpas" and the vocal studio "Tev un man."  The rest of our summer performances will be night concerts.

We will play at "Egle" in Vecrīga three times in June: the 9th, 16th and 27th. 

A Happy Start to March!

2014.03.11 04:58:05

Last Wednesday we received good news about a project closely related to Iļģi - "Gadapkārti" ("Around the Year"). 

The album is on the "Upe Tuviem un Tāliem" label, which submitted it for consideration for the "Golden Microphone", the annual Latvian Recording industry award, in the "Best Children's Music Album" category.  From the judges: "Of the twelve submitted children's albums 'Gadapkārti' was recognized as the best effort. From summer until winter. Around the Year. From winter until summer, performed by Ilga Reizniece's students."

Ilga's students were the vocalists and created the beautiful artwork. They were accompanied by Egons, Māris, Gatis, Mārtīņš, and of course, Ilga herself. Behind the sound board and most of the inspired arrangements was Egons.

We are especially happy about receiving the "Golden Microphone" because all five nominated albums are wonderful - it is an honor to be in such company!


A Happy Start to March!

Iļģi musicians participate in recording SVENTAVA

2013.07.30 21:49:53

The album SVENTAVA will be released in early August. All Iļģi bandmembers participated in this new recording, as well as several well-known musicians - Uģis Prauliņš, Aleksandrs Dmitrijevs, Ainars Mielavs, Laimis Rācenājs and many more. . . . 

SVENTAVA contains a dozen songs documented by Ilmārs Mežs during a folklore expedition in the late 1980's, and subsequently musically arranged by Māris Muktupāvels.

It has to be heard! 

Iļģi musicians participate in recording SVENTAVA