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St.Patricks day in Russia

2007.03.21 15:30:35

Just came back from St.Petersburg (it was the 3rd time during the past 6 years in the northern capital of Russia for us) where we played couple of concerts – the first one in club Maina was for our biggest fans – small but nice! All ended up with us teaching the crowd a few traditional Latvian dances! Had a great time so when we got back to the hotel we stayed up pretty late … or should I say early?!?!?

The next day – March 17th was the big day – The 8th annual contemporary folk music festival St.Patricks day… Already during the sound checks you could feel that this was going to be pretty special. And it was!

I mean we were welcomed like only the Russians welcome their good friends – just unbeatable. There was a great collection of different bands we enjoyed listening to. Among them our great friends Reelroad (who play not only Celtic, their native Russian but also some Latvian songs).

I must say that turned out to be one of the best gigs we've had recently. We really enjoyed ourselves. The big reason for that was the really energetic crowd whose positive emotions just filled the room!

Anyway – that night turned into morning pretty quickly (again)! And there were just a few hours left before the flight back to Riga.

Thanks for the good times, St.Petersburg!


St.Patricks day in Russia

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