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A Happy Start to March!

2014.03.11 04:58:05

Last Wednesday we received good news about a project closely related to Iļģi - "Gadapkārti" ("Around the Year"). 

The album is on the "Upe Tuviem un Tāliem" label, which submitted it for consideration for the "Golden Microphone", the annual Latvian Recording industry award, in the "Best Children's Music Album" category.  From the judges: "Of the twelve submitted children's albums 'Gadapkārti' was recognized as the best effort. From summer until winter. Around the Year. From winter until summer, performed by Ilga Reizniece's students."

Ilga's students were the vocalists and created the beautiful artwork. They were accompanied by Egons, Māris, Gatis, Mārtīņš, and of course, Ilga herself. Behind the sound board and most of the inspired arrangements was Egons.

We are especially happy about receiving the "Golden Microphone" because all five nominated albums are wonderful - it is an honor to be in such company!


A Happy Start to March!

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