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Iļģi Makes Its First Music Video

2009.06.19 23:42:45

Iļģi just finished making its first music video featuring "Saule brida miglājos" from the new album.  It was filmed in May and June in the woods near Jūrmala, Latvia, and in Scotland.

Anna Druka, a young Latvian artist living in Great Britain, directed the video.  She also created the artwork for Iļģi's 2006 album "Ne uz vienu dienu."  Anna's prior experience in the music field includes a "Soft Toy Emergency" video and collaborating on the stage set for Franz Ferdinand's most recent concert tour.

"It was unnecessary to talk me into doing this 'work' - I have always wanted to work with Iļģi.  I definitely was not disappointed - the entire process turned into a great project, even though I missed several nights' sleep", commented Anna at the end of filming.

Although Iļģi has been filmed in concert and for television countless times during its 28 year history, this is the first time the right circumstances fell into place for creating a stand alone music video.

 "It was worth the wait.  We are satisfied with the result.  Hopefully the viewers will like it too.  A big thanks to Anna and everyone else who helped create this video", said Iļģi leader Ilga Reizniece.

 Link to Youtube:

shooting Saule Brida Miglajos 

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