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Back in the Studio

2009.05.13 09:14:41

In spite of these difficult times, Iļģi is making its longtime intent a reality by recording an album of Jāņi songs.  We have been in the studio since April 20th.  You can get a glimpse of the first hours of the first day here:

Jāņi is the Latvian observance of the summer solstice, known elsewhere in Europe as Midsummer or St. John's Day.  It is celebrated on June 23rd and 24th.  The wealth of Jāņi songs is the greatest treasure of Latvian traditional music.  We have inherited over 1000 melodies, all meant for one night a year.  Unfortunately, most Latvians get by with one or two melodies, if they sing and celebrate Jāņi at all.

Our album will be a contemporary interpretation of ancient Jāņi songs we hope will speak to and enthuse even those, who until now have not realized the summer solstice's true meaning and magic. 

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