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About our new album «Ej tu dejot»

2008.07.09 13:41:52

The most recent CD "Ej tu dejot!" (Take a dance!) produced by the world
music group "Iļģi" differs from all their previous CDs. The 10 CDs recorded
by "Iļģi" each have a unique quality and mark a certain stage in the group's
history of 25 years.

However "Ej tu dejot!" is special. It is neither a studio recording nor a
record of a live performance. Last summer the CD was envisaged and rehearsed
at a country retreat - a farmstead far from the lure and hassle of the
metropolis. Upon the return to Riga the resulting live session was recorded
at the studio of the Latvian Radio.

In terms of the content of the album the main difference is that the CD "Ej
tu dejot!" contains only instrumental dance music - there are no vocals. All
the tracks are traditional dance melodies arranged in a not-so-traditional
manner. The mood of the recordings varies from wild rock connotation to
quiet soulful serenity.

It is not unusual for "Iļģi" to play dance music. Their long time endeavour
has resulted in two DCs with Latvian dance music "Latviešu danči" (Latvian
Dances) produced by Māris Muktupāvels with the record label "Upe" in 1999.
Māris Muktupāvels and Ilga Reizniece recorded most of the dances in these
albums. These CDs were and still are used by a lot of people in Latvia as
well as abroad to learn Latvian dances.

The next CD "Danco Dievis" (God Dances"), produced in 2000, contained
recordings of different groups and musicians.

Even though the musicians from "Iļģi" were essential for the production of
the previous albums of dance music neither of the CDs mentions the group in
the credits.

It has almost become a tradition for the "Iļģi" concerts to end with a jolly
session of folk dancing. It helps to have people in the audience who know
the steps but if it is not the case Ilga happily leads the dances herself.

The new album contains Latvian dances as well as dances from other countries
which historically have integrated the Latvian dance music - Lithuanian,
Estonian (Subota- Saturday) and Ukrainian ("Barabolja") and the Pankūkas
(Pancake dance).

Pankūkas (Pancake dance) is special. This time "Iļģi" mix the "batter" in 11
different ways. Each reflects an influence from a different country but
please, don not expect it to be a scientific study! They were recorded just
for the kick of it, for pure joy of making music. The names of the tracks
are pancakes in the different languages the influences were borrowed from.
These recordings were never planned they just happened spontaneously.
Some of the other dances have a humorous touch as well therefore this could
be considered the most joyful album "Iļģi" produced so far.
Thanks to the president of the Riga Folkdance Club Valdis Putniņš the
descriptions of the dances are on the "Iļģi" website (in Latvian), there are some more at the Riga
Folkdance Club website (in Latvian). Also
everybody who happens to be in Riga is invited to join the Riga Folkdance
Club gatherings. Usually they take place every Tuesday in the Great Hall of
the Riga Technical University (Rīgas Tehniskās Universitātes Lielā zāle).
For additional information please visit the Riga Folkdance Club web page

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