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Iļģi’s music now a major animation film

2007.04.04 11:51:20

After 4 years of work the Latvian animated films Studio Dauka has completed a 33 minute long animated film based on Iļģi's music from the album «Speleju Dancoju» («I Played, I danced») (lyrics by the famous Latvian poet Rainis)

The producer and author of the screenplay, Andris Bērziņš, reveals that the idea of making an animated feature, based on one of the main works of the poet Rainis, came to him 30 years ago after the well known Latvian composer Imants Kalniņš created a classical music soundtrack for the movie based on Rainis' play. But due to various problems, the idea stayed just that – an idea.

«And then Iļģi's was commissioned to prepare their own musical vision for the Rainis play, which reinvented the work of the great poet! It was of a totally new quality. Only then we summoned up our courage and went to work!» Mr. Bērziņš revealed to the Latvian daily NRA.

Director of the animated feature is one of the creators of the cartoon genre in Latvia-Roze Stiebra (It's her 58th film!), the main artist of the movie is the well known Latvian painter Helena Heinrihsone, Head computer artist – Dzintars Krūmiņš; Camera and Sound – Uģis Bērziņš.

The Music for «Speleju Dancoju» originally was made by Iļģi in 2002 as a bold experiment - to explore, alter and interpret the almost canonical lyrics of Latvia's greatest poet, Rainis (Janis Plieksans 1865 - 1929). The result is the group's first 'folk-rock opera', based almost entirely on new Iļģi musical compositions. It is also the first time Iļģis songs have not included lyrics from Latvian dainas(traditional folk songs). The leading characters - and voices - of the production are Gatis Gaujenieks and Ruta Muktupavela.

Other large projects based on Iļģi's «Speleju Dancoju» music are:
- The Lithuanian produced large scale puppet show (the music was originally made for this show) in 2001
- Large scale modern dance performance by the same name for the 9th Latvian School Youth Song and Dance Celebration in 2005. Pictures of the participants – more than a thousand dancers from different Latvian schools, can be seen here.

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